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I Gave you my Heart re-do by kiki-kit

Woah, I just... FELL IN LOVE WITH THIS ALL OVER AGAIN Vision: I can clearly tell what you're doing, besides the whole Draw This Again t...

Pinkie Slicin' Cake by Mickeymonster

Ohmygodthiswascute ;3; I was just scrolling through and see this, and I thought "I'm bored, I'll critic this." And I'm glad I did. The ...

Swan Princess - Fairytale Series by AllBlissfulMemories

Vision: I really love how it is yet another dot art, but I must give 4 stars because it kinda falls apart if you zoom in. All of a sudd...

Snow White - Fairytale Series by AllBlissfulMemories

Vision: The first thing that came to my mind was The Sunday Afternoon, a wonderful dot painting. It brings the whole picture together, ...



Sweater Weather by ZakSaturday2468
Sweater Weather
Because now you can give kisses secretly ;P

I can't say much.... It's 7 in the morning and I get up usually around 8... Bluhhhhhhhh

Kasume- My boyfriend
Natalie+art- Me
I'm sorry... I'm just not used to it... It's just so.. Quiet for me, I guess.. I just want to know if anyone's forgotten about me
I'm Lucky You're Perfect by ZakSaturday2468
I'm Lucky You're Perfect
This is a redraw of something I ain't sharing a link to xD Oh gosh it was bad.

Kasume- My boyfriend
Art+Natalie- Me


Natalie or River Demeaze
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

I still use these --> # for numbers. I only use them for tags on PaigeeWorld because that's the only way you can tag

1. ✔ Life…
2.❑ Youth
4.❑ Change
5.❑ Dreams
6.❑ Pessimistic
7.❑ Pirate
8.❑ Novel
9.✔ Doom…
10.❑ Garden
11.❑ Sadness
12.❑ Confusion
13.❑ Freedom
14.❑ Inevitable
15.❑ Idle
16.❑ Vampires
17.❑ Convention
18.❑ Roleplaying
19.❑ Skull
20.❑ Pain
21.❑ Joy
22.❑ Time
23.✔ Warmth…
24.❑ Voodoo
25.❑ Insomnia
26.❑ Solitude
27.❑ Zombies
28.❑ Heaven
29.❑ Evil
30.❑ Weary
31.❑ Candyland
32.❑ Robot
33.❑ Old-school
34.❑ Puppets
35.❑ Flight
36.❑ Movie
37.❑ What if...
38.❑ Batman
39.❑ Dance
40.❑ O RLY???
41.❑ Play
42.❑ Uh-oh...
43.❑ Duel
44.❑ Sound Effect
45.❑ Caption
46.❑ Photo
47.❑ Pants
48.✔ Red…
49.❑ Fiesta
50.❑ Percent
51.❑ Soap Opera
52.✔ Underwear…
53.❑ Stress
54.❑ Proof
55.❑ Mutation
56.❑ Skeleton
57.❑ Rock
58.❑ Lies
59.❑ Ninja
60.❑ Message
61.❑ Bugs
62.❑ Effort
63.❑ Bandaid
65.❑ Imaginary
66.❑ Fly Me to the Moon
67.❑ Discovery
68.❑ What?
69.❑ Adhesive
70.❑ Underworld
72.❑ Mecha
73.❑ Random
74.❑ Video Game
75.❑ Crisis
76.❑ Insanity
77.❑ Ice
78.❑ Working Hard
79.❑ Hardly Working
81.❑ Clone
82.❑ Clumsy
83.❑ Keyboard
84.✔ Hope
85.❑ Song
86.❑ Surprise
87.❑ Cursed
88.✔ Awesomeness…
89.❑ Internet
90.❑ Fire
92.✔ Love
93.❑ Annoyance
94.❑ Misunderstanding
95.❑ Fantasia
96.✔ Puppy
97.❑ Lost
98.❑ Pie
99.❑ Fate
100.❑ Death
I'm sorry... I'm just not used to it... It's just so.. Quiet for me, I guess.. I just want to know if anyone's forgotten about me

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Thanks, although I'm not sure why you'd think that was cosplay, it's just a normal sports shirt ^^;.
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Hey!!! thank you so much for watching me! if you don't mind me asking, where did you find me?
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You're welcome! And it's no problem at all!

Basically throughout the school year my friends who went to the other middle school in my town kept saying "Your art reminds me of Caitlin T.'s" and some are such great friends, but forgot I didn't go to the same school so I had no idea who they were talking about. A few days ago, my friend mentioned you again but then said "Doesn't she have a deviantArt account?" And told me it. I'm really impressed by your work~
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